FueTrek Co., Ltd. provides a better and faster way to communicate through with speech recognition, speech dialogue, and speech translation.

Business Overview by Segment

Speech Recognition & UI Solutions Business

This is currently our core business.
In this segment we provide not only speech recognition as means of device control and input, but also speech dialogue and speech synthesis, thereby operating as a one-stop-shop company for speech-related technologies and solutions.

CRM Solutions Business

We provide various solutions that can strengthen customer relationships for your business, with a focus on its integrated CRM system Visionary.

(Japanese version only)

Translation Services

In our translation services, we are providing speech translation leveraging machine translation in cooperation with speech recognition business.
Machine translation is mainly intended for the simple and easy use, such as helpful in inbound tourism scene rather than the advanced use required in business scene.
*FueTrek turned Media Research Inc. into a non-subsidiary as of the 15th of November, 2017.

Image Media Solutions Services

We are expanding TV program and other imaging production at Media Japan Co., Ltd., and advertising agency business at Media Japan Agency Co., Ltd.


* For further information on these services, please visit the website of Media Japan Co., Ltd. or Media Japan Agency Co., Ltd. (Japanese version only)

Other Services (Platform Development Services, Transcription Services, Inbound Promotion Services)

Under the general title of Other Services, FueTrek offers Platform Development Services, Inbound Promotion Services and TranscribeMe! transcription service.

Platform Development Services

In this segment we provide development outsourcing services, which have been a part of our company since its early years.
Today, we have expanded our operation into "E-Kentei: Certification and Training Program for Electrical and Electronic Engineers," by applying skills and knowledge we窶况e acquired in hardware design.


Transcription Services TM

FueTrek is a reseller of TranscribeMe! transcription service within Japan. TranscribeMe, Inc.'s proprietary voice processing technology automatically divides audio files into small chunks, and distributes them to transcription experts within its crowdsourcing platform on a global scale. This combination of technology with a global workforce enables an efficient transcription workflow and ensures high security of client data.

Inbound Promotion Services

FueTrek also provides various services related to inbound tourism, such as support of sales promotion, consulting service for companies and municipalities which are interested in attracting inbound tourists.